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What is Botox?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily reduce frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. The treatment is meant to relax the muscle therefore you still look like you, only with less noticeable facial lines.

Botox is a quick 10-minute treatment.. You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours, with results lasting up to 4 months for moderate to severe frown lines.

How does the Botox procedure work?

Botox is a quick procedure for reduces wrinkles.  This video shows how Botox works followed by before and after pictures.

We Have Over 50+ Years Of Experience Injecting Botox In Toronto

Bellair Laser Clinic is a top Botox clinic in Toronto. Our team of injectors is lead by Dr. Peter Bray Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Pugen, Ant-aging Specialist who also perform Botox injections 4 days a week. This site will give you a better understanding of how Botox works. If you are interested in this procedure please contact us via the form below or call 419-972-0337 for more information.

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Bellair Laser Clinic is the leading Botox clinic in Toronto.  Fill out the form below or call us for a complimentary consultation. If you are interested in learning about ALL our anti-aging services visit or click below to our full site.

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